Learn about some of the ways you can benefit from building with ICFs!

BuildBlock ICFs offer greater benefits for both builders and homeowners.

BuildBlock ICFs deliver superior benefits that traditional construction materials can’t compete with. Builders and installers benefit from a building process that is quick and easy while the homeowner enjoys better energy-efficiency, increased savings, supreme protection, and a more comfortable living environment. ICFs build superior structures while saving time, hassle, and money for both installers and owners.

ICFs Saves Builders Time and Money

ICFs build superior structures while saving time and money. ICF walls are formed using a simple stack, brace, and pour building process which can be completed much more quickly than wood-framed walls and can even be built with a smaller crew. ICF blocks are also easily adaptable and completely interchangeable to reduce waste and help reduce the cost of materials. Integrating other construction components into ICF walls is also an easy task! ICF blocks are super easy to cut and form for adding electrical, plumbing, HVAC, interior and exterior finishes, or anything else! ICFs provide the ideal solution for builders to save time, money, and hassle!

Homeowners Enjoy Lasting Benefits

ICF walls are made using solid, steel-reinforced concrete inside of thick EPS foam insulation. The strength of these materials give ICF homes far greater disaster resilience and protection from outside elements. Homeowners who build with ICFs also enjoy drastically improved energy-efficiency resulting in significant monthly savings in utility bills. Unlike wood-frame home, ICF homes create an enclosed envelope to protect your living environment from air infiltration, dust and pollen, and even sound! ICF walls feature a built in sound protection, ensuring that outside noise doesn’t disturb the interior.

Benefits for Builders

Easier Construction

BuildBlock’s ICFs are designed to make building easy! Blocks are lightweight, easy-to-use, and are loaded with features that save time from start to finish. ICF projects can be built with smaller crews than traditional construction by utilizing a simple stack, brace, and pour method of building. Additionally, ICFs are incredibly easy to cut and shape which makes integrating other components such as plumbing, electricity, and HVAC an easy task.

Faster Building

The ICF stack, brace, and pour method is much faster and far more efficient than traditional construction methods to save time and money. The process is almost as easy as playing with LEGOs and ICF walls can even be built in a single day! Take on more projects in the same amount of time while reducing labor costs by building with ICFs!

Six Steps in One Product

ICF walls are formed, framed, furred, sheathed, insulated, and sound-proofed, all at once. Each block is manufactured with built-in insulation, attachment points, connectors, and does not require any clips or ties. Since they are performed, they arrive at your job site ready to stack on day one. After the concrete is set, the wall is virtually sound-proof and ready for interior and exterior finishes and trades.

Reduce Construction Costs

ICFs provide a variety of money-saving opportunities on construction costs. BuildBlock ICFs are completely reversible and interchangeable greatly reducing waste. Additionally, labor costs can also be greatly reduced by requiring smaller crews and utilizing the faster, more efficient building process. Increase your profitability by building with ICFs!

Benefits for Homeowners

Energy Efficient

Better energy-efficiency, bigger savings, and greater comfort. The high thermal mass and minimal air infiltration of insulating concrete form walls create a more uniform and stable temperature throughout your home. ICF walls offer better energy efficiency to reduce your monthly energy bill and create a solid barrier to eliminate hot or cold spots giving greater comfort.

Disaster Resistant

Insulating Concrete Forms create a steel-reinforced, monolithic concrete wall that is 10 times stronger than wood-framed structures. BuildBlock ICF walls have been proven to withstand impact damage from high-winds as well as offer four hours of fire resistance, ensuring your home is safe and disaster-resistant. The greatest benefit of an ICF home is the peace of mind that comes with being surrounded by the strength of concrete and steel.

Quiet and Comfortable

BuildBlock ICF walls create a quiet and comfortable living environment. The monolithic design of ICF walls reduces air infiltration to reduce dust and allergens, eliminate drafts and uneven temperatures all while protecting from outside noises. ICF homeowners enjoy peace and quiet while promoting a healthy living environment.


BuildBlock ICFs are a cost-effective solution for building more efficient, stronger, longer-lasting structures. The greater insulation, tighter construction, and temperature-moderating mass of the walls conserve heating and cooling energy much better than conventional wood-frame walls, reducing monthly fuel bills. It also allows the use of smaller heating and cooling equipment to create more saving opportunities during construction.

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