BuildShield Termite Protection

BuildShield Termite Protection is a revolutionary solution for termite protection in an ICF wall. BuildShield Termite is the only AWPA E1-15 tested solution for ICFs in termite prone areas.

BuildShield Termite is a modern solution for an age-old adversary. Built-in protection, don’t just treat it.

BuildShield Termite Barrier combines a patent-pending combination of a PVC extrusion track and an adhesive stainless steel barrier. The track and stainless steel barrier extend from inside the concrete core to the exterior wall finish creating an impenetrable barrier to termites.

BuildShield ICF Termite Protection is compatible with wood and concrete floor systems and all exterior finishes.

BuildShield Termite Barrier Benefits
  • Fast simple patent-pending solution for ICF construction in termite infested areas meeting all code requirements.
  • Quick and easy to install PVC extrusion combines with stainless steel barrier.
  • Scored flange for multiple finish options including BuildCrete, stucco, EIFS, brick, or siding.
  • BuildShield Termite creates a continuous barrier from concrete core to exterior finish.
  • Compatible with many floor system designs.
  • PVC extrusion fits snugly over any 2.5” thick EPS foam panel.
  • PVC extrusion keeps stainless steel barrier in place during all phases of construction.
  • 100,000 PSI stainless steel tensile strength with a melting point of 2500°F.
  • Durable 2 component system for easy shipping and storage.
  • Scored to provide drainage for exterior flashing if needed.
  • Same barrier and track used on interior and exterior walls.

BuildSheild Also Protects Against Fires

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