BuildBlock Products

BuildBlock Building Systems provides a complete range of ICF products and accessories to ensure your ICF job is worry free. No matter the size, style, or complexity BuildBlocks ICFs deliver superior results.

BuildBlock ICF Blocks

BuildBlock ICFs are foam panels with plastic webs that form insulated studs every 6". They create sound-proof, high-density walls, resist natural disasters, and reduce energy use by over 60%.

BuildLock Knockdown ICF Blocks

The BuildLock System is a high-performance knock-down insulating concrete form (ICF) wall system that assembles on-site. It integrates with BuildBlock forms and offers superior strength.

BuildBuck ICF Door & Windows Bucking

BuildBuck ICF Door & Window Bucking is a 2-inch thick, insulated solution for openings in ICF walls. It provides attachment points, sealing, and alignment for doors and windows.

BuildRadius ICF Radius Forms

BuildRadius offers radius forms for ICF walls and pool construction, allowing various arc radius options for unique designs.

BuildDeck ICF Floor & Roofing

The BuildDeck System is a lightweight ICF made of EPS for insulated concrete floors, roofs, and safe rooms, combining strength and energy efficiency.

BuildBrace ICF Bracing System

BuildBrace ICF Bracing & Alignment System ensures straight walls and productivity for ICF projects with user-friendly features.

BuildShield Termite & Firestop

BuildShield protects ICF homes from termites and acts as a fire barrier. It combines PVC plastic and stainless steel for termite resistance.

BuildCrete Plaster, Stucco, & Pool Plaster

BuildCrete is a finishing system for ICFs with embedded fiberglass mesh, offering impact resistance, waterproofing, and durability for various applications.

ThermalSert Insulating Inserts

BuildBlock ThermalSert are insulation inserts for BuildBlock and BuildLock Knockdown ICF forms, adding 4.4 R-Value per inch of foam insert.

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