ICF Home Benefits for Homeowners

ICFs offer homeowners more benefits and peace of mind.

ICF homes outperform wood-frame homes and offer more benefits to the owner.

It’s natural to pour hours of time and effort into choosing the right paint, wall coverings, exterior finish, and other aesthetics for your new home. First, take some time to decide what will be inside those walls. Traditional wood-frame construction can’t compare to the safety, permanence, and energy efficiency of an ICF home.

Energy Efficient

A thick concrete core inside the walls of an ICF home provide extreme strength and durability, all sandwiched between thick insulated panels of EPS foam. This material will last for lifetimes performing to keep your home stable, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Independent testing proves ICF’s deliver 58% more R-value than traditional wood-framed cavity walls.

Disaster Resilient

The core of ICF walls is steel-reinforced concrete which gives the structure superior strength and disaster resilience from damaging wind, flooding, impact damage, and even fire! BuildBlock ICFs have been tested and proven to withstand impact damage from winds as high as 200mph as well as offer a 4-hour fire-resistance rating.

4-Hour Fire Safety Rating

BuildBlock ICFs have been tested and proven to provide 4 hours of fire resistance. Solid concrete surrounded by fire-retardant EPS foam creates a fire barrier that offers more protection than standard wood-frame homes.

Less Energy Costs, Greater Savings

ICF homes offer better energy-efficiency which greatly reduces monthly energy consumption. In addition, an ICF home also have fewer HVAC requirements, saving owners money on construction costs.

Built-In Sound Protection

By the numbers, ICF walls have an STC rating of 54 which means shouting outside the walls cannot be heard. In every-day life, noisy neighbors, busy streets, trains, planes, and other annoyances stop at the walls leaving you content.

More Comfort

ICF walls create a monolithic thermal barrier to provide an air-tight envelope that effectively eliminates drafts and reduces air infiltration to keep out dust, dirt, and allergens. ICF homeowners enjoy more stable temperatures inside their home and much healthier air quality.

Greater Longevity and Sustainability

An ICF home require fewer construction materials, create less waste, and reduce pollution while creating a structure that is built to last for centuries. In addition, ICF homes also reduce your carbon footprint through significantly less energy consumption.

Adaptable for Any Design

ICFs are extremely adaptable to any design, making them an architect’s dream! Because BuildBlock ICFs Deliver Design Flexibility you can have unique footprints, arches, angles, and curves as part of your design at a lower construction cost than with traditional building methods. ICF homes can be designed in any style and will accept any traditional exterior finish including vinyl or wood siding, stucco, rock, and brick.

BuildBlock ICFs can be used to build virtually any type of structure. Visit the Projects section to see some completed ICF structures.

What does this mean for you?

The results are clear! Building with BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms is the only proven way to build dramatically more energy-efficient homes. In conclusion, this means ICFs deliver far greater R/RSI-value benefits than any other type of wall. Make your choice today and enjoy savings for a lifetime.

Questions? Tell us about your project and let us know how we can help!