June 27, 2016 in BuildBlock Projects, Houses, Residential

Energy Efficient BuildBlock Vineyard House Project

The Energy Efficient BuildBlock Vineyard House in Paw Paw, Michigan has caught the attention of many around the country and has improved the opinion of ICFs in the state. This attention came from the low cost, the design, and the sheer beauty of this sustainable home. All of these features are not the usual factors that someone might think of when considering a home with this extraordinary level of sustainability.

You can’t tell by looking at it but this house is made of ICFs, with 4kw of Photovoltaics, geothermal units, concrete flooring, and much more.

[custom_frame_left]Southview throught the Vineyard[/custom_frame_left]
The design of this home is one that the designer, Eric Hughes with Image Design, LLC and contractor Adam Bearup with Hybrid Homes, LLC have worked on together. This house is designed to the exact specifications of the BuildBlock ICFs and was chosen because of the efficiency during each phase of the project while also eliminating waste.

The homeowners, William Buhl and his wife, were thrilled with their new home. “We decided to build our retirement home and wanted a home we wouldn’t have to leave if the infirmities of age gave us limitations,” said Buhl. “We also wanted an environmentally friendly home, with as many alternative energy sources as possible, and a floor plan that fit us and our hobbies. We have accomplished our goals with this lifetime design, passive solar construction, photovoltaic electric power, geothermal heating source and highly insulated walls. We really enjoy all the window space on the south wall. The PV cells have produced an average of 20-kilowatt hours of AC power a day since they were installed in late April. Not bad for Michigan.”

The builder has spent years promoting ICFs in new home construction.West View

Through incredible marketing efforts, our outspoken activism for sustainable building throughout the country, and the Team’s Success on our Onekama home, we are the go-to company when it comes to sustainable and ICF building in the State of Michigan. The builder is a second generation ICF builder, so clients contact him specifically to build ICF projects. The efforts have taken nearly 20 years and have paid off immensely.

Hybrid Homes uses their ICF projects to actively educate construction professionals, future home buyers, realtors and other individuals interested in the benefits of building green. Adam, with Hybrid Homes said,

“Education is key to enlightenment. The more inspectors who experience ICFs, the better chance we have to make the process more efficient and accepted in all municipalities.”


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